Wednesday, April 29, 2009

two parter

Lunch was in two (tasty!) parts.

I was hungry after my anthro presentation (schoolwork makes you hungry, I don’t care if it’s not aerobic exercise PER SE), so I hit up the Jamba Juice in the student union and got a mango mantra.


It’s one of the “all fruit” kinds with mango, strawberries, orange pineapple juice… think that’s it? It was quite tasty. I drank it on BU beach (this blog gives such an inaccurate portrayal of BU. We are an URBAN CAMPUS! Most of BU is UGLY CONCRETE). I just hunt for patches of green.

Lunch part two I’ve been planning for awhile. Taco salad!


Tofu marinaded in avocado caesar; chips made of pita baked at 400 with just cooking spray, sprinkled with chili powder; the last of the Mexican blend cheese (about 2 tbsp), black beans, diced tomato, and leftover roasted green peppers.



I was pleased with how it looked arranged all nicely, but tossed all together it looks really yummy too!

For my work snack, I had lowfat cottage cheese topped with a little bit of TJ’s cran apple butter (SUCH a tasty combination!)

In general, I get my dairy fat free, because I just prefer the taste of skim milk, nonfat yogurt, etc. The exceptions are good cheese (like, anything that’s not Kraft shredded, hahaha), and cottage cheese. I think nonfat cottage cheese tastes like acid. Ick.


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