Wednesday, April 29, 2009

farewell oatmeal

Today’s breakfast was noteworthy only because it is the LAST OF MY OATMEAL!


This carton has lasted me months and months, after a ridiculously low initial investment. Oatmeal is so amazing for the college student, or just your general penny pincher.

My friends and I had a pretty epic conversation about it over spring break- all the money you save with oatmeal, all the things you can have with oatmeal (my guy friend does something involving Swiss cheese… weird, but actually I’m willing to believe it’s tasty). And it’s so nutritious!

But I am moving home in less than two weeks, and it is not wise to buy a new carton of oatmeal. Even I cannot eat that much in a week and a half, hahaha. I’m actually also running low on cereal, but again, it’d be unwise to get a new box. Basically, my breakfasts are gonna start getting weird.

Here is today’s:


With three dried apricots, half milk half water, cinnamon, and slivered almonds.

Fare thee well, oatmeal.

Oh well. Soon I’ll be home and have STOVETOP OATS!

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