Sunday, April 12, 2009

deceitful sunshine

From my deceivingly well-heated apartment, it looked like a lovely, gorgeous, WARM mid-April day!

It was not.

And I had run out of the apartment wearing a long sleeve shirt and a wool sweater, no coat. And I had a kind of manic morning. I went to my church, a windy 3/4 of a mile’s walk, first, and then I went to ANOTHER church (another mile, even WINDIER) immediately afterwards to work on my anthro fieldwork. And then I was far far far from my apartment and had to walk home in the cold :( I am now quite happy to be indoors, and will definitely be going out again, as it really is a nice sunny day, just not a WARM one. However, I will be better prepared!

I don’t eat before church (you’re not supposed to if you’re taking communion in an Orthodox church) so I used my walk to the second church to quickly scarf down a banana:


Then I went to the second service, and by the time I got back to campus was staaaaaaaaaaaarving. I stopped at our Barnes n Noble cafe and got this baby:


a whole wheat English muffin with egg, provolone cheese, and some kind of spinachey, herby, undoubtedly fatty spread.


There was some seriously nice flowing cheese action!

I’m trying to decide if I’m still hungry… Sundays are always tricky for me since I really only have two “meals”. It’s odd that I have this struggle to get enough calories when so much of my life it’s been SUCH the opposite. But I know I have to eat enough! It’s important! I’m an active person, I need fuel.

Also, a fun picture from my cousin’s wedding:

henri and the cake

The fabulous Henri from the French Embassy, putting the cake together.


And the final thing: raspberry and white chocolate spongey deliciousness. It’s not tiered like a traditional wedding cake, but trust me- it was so spongy that the layers would have smashed each other!

Oh my god this cake was good. Even better than it looks, which is… pretty dang beautiful already.

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