Wednesday, April 29, 2009

in awe

So I got an AMAZING job perk tonight in the form of free orchestra level seat tickets to the Alvin Ailey dance company!

Wow. Just… wow. The human body is absolutely dazzling. And the music! The first part of the program was all Otis Redding, and then there was a really intense piece about apartheid, and the end was a performance of Alvin Ailey’s most famous piece, Revelations, which is rooted in the music sung by slaves and… just… WOW. Wow.

Anyway, I was very well fueled for the performance! Hahahahaha.

The return of faux-lafel! This was just as filling and satisfying as last time. Lentils do something magic for satiety for me.


I cooked up about 1/4 cup lentils in 3/4 or so cup of water for 45 minutes, then mashed them with cumin, garlic powder, a wee drizzle of olive oil, and for thickening the closest thing I had to breadcrumbs… crushed saltines! It actually worked pretty well! Served on a TJ’s apocryphal pita.

Topped with tzaziki- 2 T. plain yogurt, diced cucumber, salted and squeezed with a paper towel, chopped mint, lemon juice, lotsa pepper.

And with sweet potato “fries”! Baked at 400 on one side for 13 min, then they were taking too long and I had to leave for the performance, so I cranked the heat to 450 and did them for another 13 on the other side. Then I wrapped them in a foil packet while I broiled the fauxlafel (4 minutes on each side!) and they were perfectly done- soft, more like boardwalk fries, but delish!


To drink, YUMMY LEMONADE! 1/3 a cup or so lemon juice, 3 sugar packets, lotsa mint, lotsa cold water. Adjust seasonings to your taste. YUM!

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