Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Yesterday I went to work and my immediate supervisor and the person I work in the cubicle next to were out with one of those SERIOUS stomach viruses.

I, of course, IMMEDIATELY started feeling queasy.

I’m also feeling queasy and nervous because I have yet ANOTHER phone interview at 2. I’m thrilled to be of such interest to potential employers, but it means I’m constantly keyed up!

I finally bought milk, so breakfast was a classic: peanut butter and banana oats.


I actually haven’t bought fresh bananas yet (due to my very complicated grocery shopping plan: one place has the cheapest milk but another has the cheapest banana) but I had one that had been ripe before I left for a long weekend so I’d mushed and frozen it, so I thawed that and made my oats with it and they were especially lovely and sweet!


Lunch was faux chicken nuggets and a big sweet potato with yogurt and cran-apple butter. I had mustard with the chicken nuggets- I am not a ketchup person. Never have been, probably never will be. It’s weird, because I like tomatoes and I like sour.


When I was younger, I ate sweet potatoes like it was going out of style. My dad literally started calling me sweet potato. I went through a period where I didn’t eat them as much (I think my family just quit buying them for some reason?) but now I love them as much as ever. This combination of toppings was *quite* delicious, I will have to make it again! It’s also pretty beauteous, color wise. Especially on the blue plate!

Eurgh, wish me luck on my interview!

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