Wednesday, April 15, 2009

crazy day

I am leaving tomorrow at the CRACK of dawn to go home for Orthodox Easter. I’m stoked, but also a bit panicked, because I have big papers due Friday (although the teacher’s letting me turn it in by email) and Tuesday, and they are not where they should be! I’m trying to get my research together and on my laptop, and then I can work on my long train ride tomorrow on actually putting the papers together.

And I had forms to fill out for my summer internship, and the front guy at the registrar’s office at BU is on a serious power trip. To quote The Office, it is the least amount of power I have ever seen go to someone’s head.

I also was packing, and I want to bring as much stuff home for the summer as I can now, because I live so far from school that my parents don’t like to drive up and pick me up unless they HAVE to, so I was crazily sorting what went home with me now, what’ll go home with me when I go home for good in May, what will go into summer storage, etc. etc. etc.

And, yknow, I had work, and I had class.

SO I ate boring food for breakfast and lunch (oatmeal and fruit, bean soup and crackers, you’ve seen ‘em before) and they weren’t worth blogging and I was too busy anyway!

Dinner was good though!

I roughly followed this recipe, courtesy of Oprah and made yummy tofu scramble!


The combination of flavors was lovely and fresh, and again- I’m trying to clean out my fridge as much as possible, since I’m going to be gone for a long weekend!


For grains, I had quinoa. I like quinoa- in general, I like mixing up my whole grains because I get bored easily. I topped it with some tapenade, which is SUPER tasty combined with quinoa.


This is actually a really protein-heavy meal (although I didn’t necessarily need a lot of protein that badly- I didn’t work out today, unless you count the 3+ mile walk home from work today… well that is something! But still, Americans are way too weird about getting protein- I eat very little meat and I was worried about it, so I did the Daily Plate for a few days and logged what I ate and I still got more than enough. If I do, everyone does!).

But quinoa is really cool- it’s the only grain that’s a perfect protein!

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