Thursday, April 9, 2009

let the sun shine in

It is a lovely, sunny day, and I had a lovely, sunny breakfast.

Going back to last night, after I quit feeling gross and salty, I had a pretty sunshiney snack, too. Just look at what I ate it from!


Aw! When I graduated from high school, my dad sent me flowers and they came in this and it is my FAVE mug. It’s also my friend’s favorite mug, hahahaha. Everytime he comes to my house he demands to be served from “his” mug. He was INCENSED when I brought it to college. It CANNOT be microwaved (bad… BAD experiment) but it’s great for… yogurt parfaits!


Thawed frozen blackberries, plain TJ’s Euro yogurt, and a drizzle of honey. I have a hard time putting into words how delicious it was. Sweet and tangy and fresh and lovely!


Now my gorgeous sunshine breakfast! Along with mango black tea (<3), I had more gorrrrgeous strawberries. I really hope they go on sale again, because they are wonderful!


And shredded wheat wheat ‘n bran with some slivered almonds. It’s good with the extra bran! Really nice flavor! Hahaha, when my sister was visiting me she had some with about 1/2 a cup of sugar. But I like my cereal not super sweet! This way, it didn’t compete with the strawberries!


For lunch at work, I went to our classy student union salad bar last night and got a big, gorgeous salad.


Featuring mesclun greens, broccoli, zucchini, red onion, gorgeous cherry tomatoes (my fave!), tofu for protein, and allegedly low fat sun dried tomato bleu cheese dressing (I asked for “a little”, which to them meant 1-2 tbsp or so, but that’s fine, it’s freakin’ salad!)


To accompany, my first try of the pumpkin pie Kashi bar. I have high hopes; I love pumpkin pie!


For snack, half an apple on its last legs.


And alarmingly puddingy yogurt! Fun!


Also, another fun giveaway! Over at yogurt n berries

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Lydia M said...

was that the pumpkin pie spice flax or whatever kashi bar? I love those!! My aunt mary anne brought them when she stayed with us and left us a few, so now I'm hooked (which is a shame because they're expensive). I like to loudly smash them and the crumble them half at a time on yogurt. The smashing is the best bit, unless you accidentally rip it... ...