Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Tonight I experimented. It did not go so well x_x

But let’s back up to my afternoon snack. My afternoon snack tasted like VICTORY!

After my roommate made that stupid macaroni, I was like CARBS CARBS CARBS CARBS SWEETS SWEETS SWEETS SWEETS! I DON’T WANT TO WORK OUT, I JUST WANT A BROWNIE! This probably had a lot to do with the time of the month it is, ahem. So I said “okay Ileana, you haven’t worked out in a week, and you’ll feel SO GREAT after you work out! And then you can get a brownie if you want to! But first work out, for its own merits!”

So I did, and my workout felt great, and then I wasn’t even craving sweets anymore!


So I had some protein and carbs, the ideal post-workout snack, in the form of Trader Joe’s trail mix! Delish!



I also had some seltzer with it, cause I’m all for hydration but I’m bored with water. This was kind of an impulse buy, actually, but I love seltzer!

So okay, back to my dinner experiment… these:


That says “Pickled String Beans”, sorry for the shrink wrap. So my stepmom is Chinese, and she is not a big chef, but her sister, who stayed with us last summer, is, and she made these CRAZY WONDERFUL string beans stir fried with chilis and garlic, and they had a pleasantly sour taste and these looked like them, so I thought, hey, I’ll make authentic Chinese food! I heated up 1/2 tsp of veggie oil to super hot, threw in the garlic, threw in the chilis and then QUICKLY added the green beans to avoid toxic chili air (although I still made my roommate cough, oops!).

They turned out gorrrrrrrrrrrgeous with the little flecks of pepper, in my opinion


But the taste…. was salty salty salty salty sour sour sour sour sour not good. I tried to choke down some, but it just wasn’t worth it. And honestly I wish I hadn’t even had that, cause now I feel like I’m MADE of salt, and I’m sure I’ll be mad bloated tomorrow, because my body needs no excuse to retain water. I believe I’ll be double fisting seltzer and tea for the rest of the evening.


So I ate my other two things, which were… brown rice and brown rice, basically. Tempeh, sauteed in cooking spray and sprinkled with soy sauce (tasty but almost ridiculously filling), and brown rice that just for fun I tossed with sesame oil and minced green onion (that was GOOD! I have no complaints about that one!)

So, whatever, sometimes experiments fail.


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