Wednesday, April 8, 2009

hot new hummus

Wow, my roommate is making blue box macaroni and cheese and I usually can’t STAND it but for some reason it smells really good! (My roommate eats JUNK!). Anyway, it’s good I’m about to get outta here and go to the gym! I have an afternoon off because my boss has an off site meeting. Thank goodness! I’m way behind on school work, and I haven’t been to the gym in a week!

Also, I got a job! The one I interviewed for on Monday! They liked me! Yay!

Lunch today featured a fun new hummus flavor.


It was not bad! I know people tend to have very strong feelings about cilantro, but I thought the blend of flavors in this was very nice. And on sale!

In a big, gorgeous tasting platter! With a Trader Joe’s tortilla, cut into chips and baked at 400 with a sprinkling of chili powder until toasty; cucs; carrots; and green pepper. I used up a little bit of my old hummus that I had left, but the container was looking a little sketch, so I tossed the rest.


On the side, my current yogurt brand (like I’ve said, I have no brand loyalty, and this was on sale).


This was good, though. Nice and creamy. I bought one of their vanilla ones, too, which I’ve had in the past, and it is almost frighteningly creamy and pudding-y. It tastes SO UNHEALTHY, yet it isn’t! Eating it is slightly psychologically weird.


To finish, I wanted a bit of sweetness, so I had some dried apricots. Vair nice.

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