Friday, May 1, 2009

beautiful breakfast bowl

So I’m always admiring Kath’s beautiful breakfast bowls (like this one) with lots of flavors and textures and toppings and whatnot, but I am kind of a purist about my oatmeal and don’t like a lot of toppings. But, this morning, I decided to make a gorgeous yogurt bowl (like this one)!

Yogurt and toppings is AWESOME!


So pretty! So many colors and textures and flavors!

Into the mix went (in the order I added them)

1/2 cup TJ’s nonfat Euro yogurt

1 banana, chopped up

1/2 cup or so shredded wheat (the last of the box)

1 T slivered almonds

a drizzle of TJ’s cran-apple butter for sweetness and color


This was a tasty, ENERGIZING breakfast! I am off to the gym, and then off to a blood testing center because I am a possible bone marrow donor (!)

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