Monday, May 4, 2009

crunch n munch

Since I had some afternoon snacks on the later side, I wasn’t mega hungry for dinner, so I went for refreshing and crunchy.


Sweet n spicy slaw. I salted my cabbage and let it sit on the cutting board for a bit and soften up, and in the meantime in the bowl tossed together some minced jalapeno, green onion, honey, and rice wine vinegar. Dressing!

Protein was the return of the mahi mahi recipe I used to make fish tacos awhile back. Since I didn’t have fresh limes, I used bottled lemon juice. Big surprise, it was not as good. But I still really like the sauteeing technique for mahi mahi.


Served with a few oven baked pita chips (1/2 a pita’s worth), for more crunch, and more mint lemonade!


I ended up whipping out some salsa for the chips.

And then onto night 2 of Coffee at Finals!

Tonight’s shwag:


A cuppa coffee (with milk), a cupcake, and fruit (which will be involved in breakfast tomorrow). The cupcake I ate :D The conundrum was that the cake was great and the sprinkles were great but the frosting was meh. So I artfully rearranged it!

I have been eating a fair amount of sweets for the last few days, and I’m trying not to beat myself up over it.

I am someone who has to be careful about going nuts with the added sugar, because I am capable of getting into this roller coaster blood sugar cycle which is not good for keepin’ slim but more than that just leaves me feeling unhealthy. My energy is all over the place, I’m antsy, I don’t know if I’m hungry or full, I just don’t feel nourished.

That being said, one dessert a day is totally acceptable! I have to relax! This is finals week, too. Most of the rest of my college is eating junk like it’s their job!


These are my new tea flavors. More Wild Sweet Orange, which I had last night and was GREAT! I usually think orange tea tastes artificial and bitter, but this one was actually reminiscent of fruit! And the Lotus I am drinking AS I TYPE THESE WORDS, and it’s also very good. I drink kind of ridiculous amounts of tea, but it’s apparently how European women stay so thin!

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Sammie said...

It was really nice meeting you on Sunday night. I could not remember the name of your blog either. It was so hard to hear in that place.Now that I know it I will add you to the places that I roll.