Thursday, May 28, 2009

sacre bleu!

Mon dieu my dinner was good!

My lil sister is graduating from high school on Monday and I went laptop shopping with her and her godparents today. Lucky her! I tagged along on the trip, and then her godparents were nice enough to take us all to dinner. We went to Mon Ami Gabi, a seriously FABULOUS french place.

After some yummy crusty french bread (after getting SOAKED in a sudden, INTENSE downpour), I decided to order the stuffed shell crab special. I’ve been CRAVING one since the Washington Post did a ridiculously in-depth article on them last week.


So this gorgeous thing went ahead and appeared on my plate. That is TWO soft shell crabs, with a ridiculously delicious glaze, served atop yukon gold potatoes DRENCHED in butter (ridiculously delicious) and snow peas DRENCHED in butter (ridiculously delicious).

I ate one of the crabs, and only a wee bit of the veggies. Everything was SO RICH! And I am delighted to now have a BIG BOX OF LEFTOVERS!

I also, of course, had to steal a little bit of my sister’s plate.


Steak frites, what WHAT! Unpictured is the bearnaise (!) sauce that came on the side.

Well actually the fries, as you can see, were so thin that they were really more like potato chips. Delicious, but not so tempting that I couldn’t restrain myself.

Which is good, because man oh man, couldn’t restrain myself at dessert! To quote Sarah, there was serious expansion.

First we have chocolate mousse. Here’s an action shot- my sister’s godmother said this is one of her favorite desserts ever! It’s AMAZING.


Then bananas foster crepes. Yummy eggy crepe, sauce with brown sugar, butter, and a healthy dose of alcohol (brandy?), topped with vanilla ice cream.


And this thing… pain perdu… oh my GOD.

Picture the eggiest spongiest richest heavenliest french toast/bread pudding thing you’ve ever eaten.

Add warm fruity rich apricot sauce.

Add creamy thick decadent white chocolate sauce.


Seriously, I could not stop. COULD NOT STOP. It was to share, but other people were unenthused (not surprising given the vast quantities of dessert!) so I ate basically the entire thing. And it was HUGE!

I also ate TONS of the bananas/caramel and liquor sauce/ice cream, and a whoooole lotta mousse.

Man oh man it made me so happy. It was SO DELICIOUS! This is the thing- I do not feel regret for eating high calorie food because it was BEAUTIFUL, and DELICIOUS, and HIGH QUALITY. Had I eaten the same number of calories (or even less) of something like Doritos or Ding Dongs, I’d feel gross, because it’d be taking in a lot and not getting a lot.

But the satisfaction of real, authentic, delicious rich French food, enjoyed in the company of my loved ones, really savoring every bite… that is something that I could never regret! YUM!

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