Tuesday, May 12, 2009


After being more sedentary than I care to be for the past coupla days, today we had some GORGEOUS weather, and I fully enjoyed it!

Breakfast preceded tennis with my dad, so I wanted fuel! I was in the mood for cold and crunchy, which meant cereal. A new kind!


I was impressed! I’ve been so weird about calories lately that I wouldn’t buy something this nutritionally dense (190 cal per serving, and a serving is only 3/4 cup- I like my breakfasts to be VOLUMIZED!)

However, I’m really glad I had it. I really need to eat more (I keep accidentally continuing to lose weight!) so not only did I eat it, I ate a cup of it because 3/4 is just too flimsy.


With 1%, the milk my mom buys. It was great! I like cereals that STAY CRUNCHY, and this one did! And it left me nice and satisfied.

For more cold and crunch:


The other half of my granny smith from yesterday, with cinnamon. FAB!

Then I played tennis with my dad. Tennis is the only sport I’m not terrible at! It was fun to play again.

Afterwords, we were in the neighborhood of… dun dun dun… THE ENTENMANN’S DISCOUNT BAKERY! Man oh man, that place is dangerous. You get even MORE of a discount when you buy in bulk- QUITE diabolical! Here is the loot we picked up, hahahaha:


See the lone healthy item in the corner? Those are 100% whole wheat pitas. I’m taking on taking them down on my beach trip for nice easy portable sammiches. I’m going with my vegan best friend, so I wanted to bring those rather than my (totally better!) homemade bread, cause the bread isn’t vegan.

Lunch at dad’s was GIGANTIC grapes- my dad always buys grapes with the seeds in because he says they taste better- I gotta say he might be right! I also had leftovers of my stepmom’s homemade curry.


The curry was MIGHTY TASTY!


I have to say, I do think it was funny that it was beef curry, since India is…. Hindu!

That being said, beef curry is GREAT! I tend to only get Indian food during Lent, when I don’t eat meat, because there are so many awesome vegetarian options, but I do forget how good meat tastes curry-fied.

Lunch looks a little small? That’s cause I was saving room for THIS:


Stepmom’s MASSIVE homemade oatmeal raisin cookie. SO. GOOD! It’s weird, I used to not care for oatmeal raisin cookies (for my dad, they are basically their own food group and he eats as such), but lately I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THEM. Maybe it’s just my general love affair with oatmeal.

And she said she replaced the butter with vegetable oil, and oatmeal is a fiber rich whole grain, and it was chock full of fruity, iron-rich raisins, so it is PRACTICALLY health food.

She was all bummed because she had been running out the door as she’d finished the batch, so she’d made the last few mini cookies, and they were too dry. I was kind enough to take one of them off her hands, and very cleverly dealt with the dryness by dunking them in tea! Fab.

Then I got home and got out my BIKE (I know I could bike in Boston, but I don’t want to die. I like being alive. I’ve been doing it for awhile)! Then I BIKED to the library (about 4 miles round trip) and got some sweet beach books (2 Margaret Attwoods if I’m feeling intellectual and feminist, 1 Jodi Picoult if I want a page turning legal battle. I would’ve gotten more but I brought a teeny over the shoulder purse to have on my bike, not remembering that books take up space! I actually ended up using my chain lock to strap one of the books to the front of the bike, I was proud of that).

After a fairly HILLY ride, I wanted to refuel when I got home!

Snack on the deck!


No, I didn’t hurl it off the deck, I just wanted to brag about the good view some more.

That’s another slice of heavenly homemade bread with super awesome fig spread and a carrot, chopped up, with some PB for protein.


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