Friday, May 1, 2009

Tatte’s love

So I found my new favorite study spot!

After being all gloomy earlier, I decided the best thing to do would be to find a place to study and be a little productive and also eat something delicious and get some caffeine.

So I went to a bakery that I’ve been scoping out for awhile, Tatte's.

It is PRESH! This gorgeous display is pretty much the first thing you see:


And it just gets better. Gorgeous brioches and quiches, so you can make a light meal out of it.

Traditional bakery things like cinnamon rolls and biscotti…


These biscotti were difficult to photograph because they were HUGE! My guess would be somewhere in the family of a foot long.


Billions upon billions of packaged cookies and goodies…


These would make great gifts!

There is a display stand with pies and cakes and desserts that my poor quality camera does not do justice…

DSCF0818    DSCF0817

But clearly their big specialty are these nut boxes (isn’t that an adorable name for a pastry?!):

DSCF0816 DSCF0820  

Just gorgeous pastry crust and nutty nut nuts!


I got an espresso, which was lovely and strong, and had an exceptionally beautiful crema on top. I really love the intensity of espresso.

For a snacksie, I went for Linzertorte, which is probably my favorite cookie and, in my opinion, the test of a quality bakery, because it’s so simple that the pastry has to be really good!

My mama always used to make them (although they’re a bit labor intensive, so she hasn’t in awhile), so they have a big nostalgia element for me. Oooh, maybe I’ll make some for Mother’s Day!

Traditionally they’re made with raspberry preserves, but at Tatte’s they gave me the choice of homemade strawberry or pear jam. I went for the pear.

My oh my it was tasty. The pastry was buttery and flaky, and the filling was fresh and sweet (my one complaint is that I wanted more of it! I’m always someone who likes a high filling ratio in my filled baked goods).


This was such a pleasant, relaxed place to study. The shop was very pretty, with lots of smooth dark wood. There was sun streaming in the window (the weather has gotten much less gloomy!), there was nice music (a bit eclectic! It went from traditional French crooning to Carly Simon singing “You’re so Vain”! Fortunately, I enjoy both music styles :D), the tasty food… it really took me back to Paris, *sigh*.

Haha, in my entire life I’ve spent a total of ten days in Paris, but they were formative!

Also, the girl behind the counter was very friendly and helpful and very nice about letting me take pictures. And asked for the link to my blog, which I gave her. If anyone from Tatte’s is reading this, thank you for being so wonderful!

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