Thursday, May 7, 2009

caveman cooking

My stuff is all packed. This morning’s breakfast, I think, is an omen of how free spirited my eats are going to look for the next few days til I’m home:


Cereal and milk in a bag! It took me back to being a kid and having those individual styroform cereal bowls.


With the last of the grapes. These were goo-ood. As you can see I’ve packed my placemats, too!

Going back to yesterday, when my kitchen had more supplies but I was stressed beyond stressed about my American Congress final (which went HORRIBLY and I feel HORRIBLE about, but… yay it’s over?)

Pre-gym brekkers was coffee at finals goodness- 1/2 a sesame bagel, toasted, with lite cream cheese and melon.


Then I went to the gym and all I could think about was the stupid test, so I gave up. I had a protein bar after from all the muscles I used. Hah. For like ten whole minutes.

Lunch was pretty freaking delicious, which is good, because I needed some nice tasty nourishment. Mashed beans and pesto on an English muffin with some lettuce for crunch.


My beans of choice this week are Great Northern because the Goya ones were on sale for 69 cents. They are GREAT! Low in calories (80 cals for a 1/2 cup serving) and very nice in flavor. They were great mashed with the pesto, they formed a good spread (beans like garbanzos tend to get too dry).

You can see the accompaniments, green pepper slices and banana cream pie (yum!) yogurt in the background.

During my agonizing test, I stress-ate this:


Dried apricots and almonds. Healthy, but honestly they could’ve been staples and paper clips and I probably would’ve eaten them just cause they were there. Oi.

As I started to pack, my cooking technique started to devolve. This was supposed to be a nice over-medium fried egg:


Turns out a spatula IS rather important.

This recipe was inspired by my beloved Fast Food My Way. Jacques has this recipe where you make bow tie pasta, and just toss it with olive oil, parmesan, and chives and a lot of black pepper and top it with a lightly fried egg so the yolk kinda runs down over everything. It’s FANTASTIC.

This was my spin, which was rotini with caramelized onions and mushrooms and fried egg.


A hot mess, but it tasted good. I caramelized the onions in some olive oil for like 20 mins total on pretty low heat, then added the mushrooms and tossed them together, and added some veggie stock (I also cooked the pasta in veggie stock- it was delicious and homemade and I didn’t want to waste it!). Then I threw in the pasta when it was done, and topped them with my messy messy fried egg.

On the side, a salad:


Just greens, cucs, and avocado caesar.

I’ve also been snacking a fair amount, mostly on SWEETS. They have proven that sugary, fatty food helps with stress, so I’m considering it self medicating.

The rest of the choco-chip muffin (I’m happy I broke it up into pieces. I can’t believe people can eat those entire giant muffins like the kind you see at Starbucks and stuff. And as a SNACK!)


I had a fond farewell with my microwave by nuking this. Oh melted chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate, I’ve had a bag of these in my freezer that I’ve been nibbling on since my little celebrate-our-horrible-seminar-being-over-dessert-party. They are Necco Thin Mints, but they taste EXACTLY like giant junior mints. I kept them in the freezer one because I bought them back when it was hot and a lot of them melted and two because my friend keeps York peppermint patties in her freezer and they’re the BOMB, and I figured this would be too. Which it totally was.


Okay, back to studying I guess. Yuck. I can’t wait for home!

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