Friday, May 1, 2009

pretty on the inside

Okay, dinner was not much of a looker, but it made up for it in flavor.

So do other people love the Mark Bittman lists? He writes the Minimalist column for the New York Times, and he has done several long lists of simple, fresh summery foods that you can make in 20 minutes or less: appetizers, picnics, and my personal favorite, the column that started it all, 101 summer entrees. Another title for the column could be “What Ileana and her family lived on all last summer and likely will again this summer”. They are all SO SIMPLE, SO TASTY, and overall very healthful.

So this one is Chinese tomato and eggs. You sauté some minced garlic  in a bit of oil, then add tomato product (he calls for fresh tomato, I just use whatever I have on hand: tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, whatever. Tonight it was crushed tomatoes). Cook that around, and let the pan cool down a little, and then add eggs beaten with a bit of soy sauce. That’s it!

It looks not bad being cooked in the pan:


But yeah, the finished product does look a bit like cat food. I promise, though, it’s not real attractive but when it comes to quality, it delivers. It is the Susan Boyle of dinners.


Served with the rest of the heavenly miso-glazed sweet potatoes.


And, just cause I haven’t posted evening snack in awhile:


A Sees! Yummy yummy yummy yummy. Praline with milk chocolate. I cannot even put into words what good candy Sees makes.

And, on a healthier note


The other half of a leftover orange.

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