Saturday, May 2, 2009

springtime splendor

Today was a PERFECT spring day! Lovely weather, lovely company, lovely scenery, lovely exercise, LOVELY FOOD!

Eireni and I set out for a lovely walksie, and after a lotttttttttt of walking (I just map my fitness’d it, and our round trip for the day was 8.5 miles. This was in addition to me going to the gym and her going running earlier today. We are active ladies!) we reached the reservoir. It is WONDERFUL there!

To celebrate our arrival, I whipped out my packed snack:


The last of the Sees! I let her pick which one she wanted. She went for the orange bon bon, so I got the peanut brickle heavenly whatever. I don’t know the name. The name is so irrelevant.

Then we walked around the lake and talked about everything ever.


I was especially pleased with the structural composition of this picture. Nice, right? My dinky camera can occasionally produce a decent picture.


Eireni is currently studying social work, and she is a great person to talk to and get advice from. I evaluated some things today, and am now feeling MUCH better about my plans for next year.


Also, there were turtles! I love turtles (hahahaha oh my God remember this?). But I couldn’t get a good picture :( Take my word for it, they were adorable, and very happy to be out in the sun (they hibernate, right? I think I would really enjoy hibernating, given the opportunity)

After a lotttttttttt of walking we went home to regroup before dinner (and Eireni took a nap. I wish I was good at sleeping like other people!)

I knew I needed to eat something or I’d end up being so ravenous at dinner that I’d eat our waiter.


So I had some plants! Carrots, my abandoned green peppers from lunch, and some hummus.


And more awesome mint lemonade.

Dinner was at a restaurant I’ve been lusting after from afar and finally went to!

I have a frighteningly long list of places I want to eat in Boston before I graduate, and I’m absolutely delighted I finally got to go here!


Bottega Fiorentina is on adorable Newbury Street. It has takeout, but there are also a few tables to sit at, and we were lucky enough to nab one of the outdoor ones. People watching! Fun!


First thing, our waitress brought out some gorgeous bread and olive oil. Dippin goodness!

The menu was completely dazzling and it literally took us about 15 minutes to figure out what to order. In the end, we both went with the make your own pasta type deal.


I went with fettucini with the Andrea- prosciutto, peas, mushrooms, cream, and TRUFFLE OIL!

After a long wait, this gorgeous thing arrived:



The flavors in this were out. of. this. world. The pancetta was awesome and meaty and crunchy, the mushrooms were velvety and smoky and perfectly cooked, and the cream sauce was HEAVENLY.

Cream sauce is obviously something I don’t eat every day, but I savored every delicious bite, and I ate a LOT. I have a little takeout container, mainly because I was planning dessert (plus I just wanted to stretch out the experience of eating this!), but I ate probably 3/4 of this plate. And I felt FABULOUS after doing it!

There is nothing like Italian food. I honestly don’t know if something like this is what you get for reals in Italy, but I know that the ethos behind it- fresh, quality ingredients simply prepared- is very in that spirit.

Eireni’s dish was rockin, too! She got the spinach gnocchi with the Michelangelo sauce, which had tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella.


The gnocchi was SO GOOD! It was notable for being REALLY SPINACHY! The texture was totally different from the usual potato gnocchi- really really light and vegetabley! And wow, the mozzarella in her sauce was sooooo fresh and rich!

That glass you see is sangria. I, of course, am under 21 and could not order a drink myself, but I may have had a sip or two of the sangria. MY it was tasty.

It was just a lovely dining experience after a lovely day. I love eating outside when it’s warm… people watching, feeling the breeze, unwinding and chatting with a good friend over good food. That’s what it’s all about, yknow?

Then, of course, dessert!


We went to the famous J.P. Licks, a place beloved by tourists and Bostonians alike. As usual, I was torn over what to get, but ended up opting for the oatmeal cookie frozen yogurt (I definitely earned enough calories with all my exercise today to get real ice cream, but it just sounded like the most yummy flavor!)

Wowowowowowowwow. It did not taste like frozen yogurt AT ALL! It was SO LIGHT AND CREAMY AND SWEET! And the oatmeal cookie flavor was infused throughout it… so sweet and wholesome and delicious.

Hurray for perfect sunshiney days and relaxed nights. I hope my next summer will involve LOTS of those!

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