Monday, May 4, 2009

gym= good

It’s amazing how good a good workout can consistently make me feel. I gave myself yesterday off, because my legs were quite achy from the long walk (although I did the hip opener session from Yoga Download and it felt really good, I highly recommend it). Today, though, I felt up for it, and it felt lovely to just sweat. I just did elliptical, 5 minutes going forward and 2 going backward for 32 minutes or so, gradually upping the crossramp and the resistance.

Then afterwards my achy muscles felt better, my head felt clearer, my skin felt good: working out wins!

I decided that my pre-gym lunch would be the suitable opportunity to use the simple carbs I had in the fridge, in the form of:


The last of my pasta from Bottega Fiorentina! So, so, so so so so so delicious. I was seriously sad when it was gone.


The only slight downer was that some of the remaining pieces of pancetta were icky fat. So I put them to the side.


But there were still a fair few crunchy bites! YUM!

For a more healthful accompaniment, I made a salad.


The last of my greens, the last of my hummus, cucs, and a tad bit of olive oil and lemon juice and salt and pepper.

I was sad to see the cilantro hummus go, I really enjoyed it. And I have lately been REALLY into the combination of cucumber and hummus. It’s not something I’d have intuitively thought was good, but it IS!


I wasn’t totally full after that, so I had a bit of fruit.


Dried apricots ‘n grapes. Very nice! I digested all that lunch, then popped a few more grapes in my mouth as I was running out to the gym.

Immediately after the gym I had this mini Clif Builder bar.


Not bad! MUCH better than regular Clif bars, IMO.

The ingredient list is better (soy protein isolate, chicory root extract, aka fiber, THEN sugar—although what is with palm kernel oil being in everything? Is it cheaper? More shelf stable? This tiny thing had two grams of saturated fat!), and the taste is too. There’s a nice chewy/crunchy bottom layer with a caramel layer over that and everything’s wrapped in a vanilla creme. And the mini one has 7 grams of protein, which I was happy to have after my workout!

I met up with a friend and we chatted for a bit (we actually went to my favorite coffee shop, but I’m trying to watch my spending because I just went out for dinner two nights in a row!) and then I came home and wanted another snack.

So I had a cup of tea (one of the free bags from last night) and this guy.


Colombo is my “local” yogurt- it’s hard to see, but that says “New England made”. I do quite like its flavor, although maybe the reason it’s so good is the omnipresent high fructose corn syrup. It’s not an ingredient I’m totally neurotic about (although I know a lot of people who are!) but it is certainly not something you need to put in yogurt! That being said, it was tasty :D

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