Wednesday, August 12, 2009

hummus happiness

One thing I’m sad about in regards to going back to Boston is I will have to part with my mother’s food processor. Food processors are the best. They help you make this:


Recipe time! I wanted hummus. We had olives. None of the recipes I found were to my satisfaction, so I put a little of this and a little of that.

Greek Olive Hummus

So, roughly chop:


2 cloves garlic

3 T. parsley

1/4 cup mixed Greek olives

Pulse in the food processor with a can of chickpeas (I used Goya low-sodium, my go-to brand).

Then add:

juice of 1 large lemon (or to taste)

2 T tahini

1 t. ground cumin

1 t. olive oil

1/4 cup water

Blend until beautifully smooth. Top with paprika.


The olives make a lovely rich background note, and the spices are perfectly balanced in terms of smokiness and freshness.

I used the hums to make a fabulous sandwich for lunch:


Atop a pita, there is grilled eggplant (I love my pre-grilling on the weekends, it’s made for such great weekday meals!), hummus (obviously) and spinach for green and crispness.

I plan to supplement my sandwich with whatever we’re feeding the kids at work. Somewhat ironically, the food bank sent us a bunch of organic greek yogurt (?!?!) What yuppies buy for extortionist amounts at Whole Foods, our kids are getting from the food bank… only to go “YUCK, PLAIN YOGURT!” I don’t really know quite what to make of this, except… more for me!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, how can they say "yuck" to greek yogurt, the only greatest thing on earth? I'll have some if they don't want it! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The hummus looks great! And even better on the sandwich!