Saturday, August 15, 2009

special occasion brunch

Regular readers (er, if they exist) will know that brunch is probably my favorite meal. Since we had an overnight guest, I had an excuse to go all out, and you’d better believe I did.

The piece de resistance was the cinnamon fruit rolls:


I actually made these earlier this summer and froze them for a special occasion, which I was delighted to have. I pulled them out of the freezer and was delighted that I was organized enough to leave myself directions:


Sometimes I impress even myself! The finished product was gooooooooorgeous and delicious.


They were small (perhaps because I used a mix of oat and regular flour) but super dense and rich and delicious. They were sweet but also nice and flavorful from the fruit, and had the perfect quantity of pecans for a great crunch!

I also made a beautifully colorful fruit salad, which my mother made me serve in a stupidly fancy bowl. But it was yummy!


In this salad was 1.5 bananas, an apple, 2 oranges (a royal pain to segment but admittedly delicious and worth the effort), a biggg kiwi, and bluebs.


Dressed in a wee bit of lime juice and honey. Fab!

I made the best scrambled eggs:


I used the double boiler technique of the brilliant Madhur Jaffrey, my cookbook-writer hero. You bring water to a boil, put the double boiler on top and reduce to a simmer, and put in your egg mixture (I just do however many eggs, splash of milk, dash of hot sauce, and salt and pepper) and it cooks wonderfully slowly and makes for light and fluffy (but not runny!) eggs.

Here is my gorgeous plate of the above, plus one slice of turkey bacon:


Yes, I couldn’t restrain myself from one bite. I actually ended up splitting that second cinnamon roll with Suzanne- they were DENSE! (Although my sister ate five. She is ridic).


Lindsay said...

Those rolls look amazing! I'll have to try that egg technique, they look really good!

Angela (Run Study Eat) said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! My roomies parents got it for him and he offered some to me, he's used to it from eating it as a kid, but I was just like BLEH.

Jodie said...

First time to your blog. That fruit salad had me drooling. Yum!

She-Fit said...

Hi. This is my first time as well. These rolls look absolutely amazing! YUM

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed reading a bit of yours; I like your food philosophy!

Your brunch looks awesome. I have to try the double boiler egg method! And the cinnamon fruit rolls and the fruit salad look amazing. This post reminded me how much I enjoy brunch... :)

Faith said...

Wow, I think I can honestly say that those eggs look like the lightest, fluffiest eggs I've ever seen! I will definitely be trying your recipe! :)

Erika said...

Wow, everything looks so good! I am a sucker for cinnamon rolls!