Tuesday, August 18, 2009

self love

I had a SUPER morning. I went to work out and found out that on Tuesdays, the fire department plays volleyball at my gym :D It’s been a GREAT WEEK for ogling cute firemen.

Then, since I periodically read old blog entries I’ve written, I found myself craving my own recipe. Hah, a little narcissistic, though? That’s the first “self love” referred to in the blog title, more on that later.

But yeah, after seeing that old blog and remembering how GOOD the recipe was, I literally couldn’t get it out of my head, so I went to the grocery store by the gym to get plain yogurt to make it!

The return of Indian fusion chicken salad! Featuring chopped apple and walnuts, yogurt, lemon juice, and the secret heavenly ingredient of mango chutney. The original recipe (today I totally just threw stuff in til it tasted good) can be found here.


I knew I wanted carrots and hummus on the side- this hummus is crazy good, and I wanted to really make sure to get my protein, since I had fairly long workouts yesterday and today. However, the plate needed something else… vibrance… color… kiwi! Heaven :D


I’m really pleased with myself because at this moment, I DON’T KNOW how many calories I’ve consumed today. This is big for me. I always keep a mental tally and I hate hate hate it but kind of thought I was stuck. But I’ve been reading Oh She Glows lately, and she confessed to starting counting calories at 13 or 14! Yet she managed to stop, just taking it one meal at a time. And I only did it for a year, so I can break this habit! It will make me healthier and happier!

I must, however, admit that part of it is that I know I was “good” and worked out today, so I don’t feel the same sense of vigilance because I know I can eat more calories. The real challenge will be on a day I’ve been “lazy”. Oi oi oi.

But I went to mypyramid.gov the other day to remind myself how many of each food group to have since (as long as I can keep myself from getting too neurotic about it) counting groups seems a sensible way to monitor the health of one’s diet. I put in my weight, and they were all “Uh… you should gain a few pounds.” So if my own government is telling me to up the cals and down the vigilance, I should listen!

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Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I love the title of this post! I'm glad that you are trying to be less vigilant. We all have to remind ourselves once in a while to be kind to ourselves...

I love it when I "find" my own old recipes. Your chicken salad looks and sounds yummy! :)