Tuesday, August 25, 2009

great combo

Great combo #1: Toasted apple ‘n cheese sammie.


Put the slightest hint of butter on some whole wheat bread. Broil that side. Flip, then thinly slice 1/2 an apple and put that on top (well, most of it, there’re a few excess slices along with the carrots) along with 3/4 oz. cheese- I used our fun tangy Bulgarian stuff. Broil til the cheese melts:


Sweet apples and oozy salty cheese are the bees knees.

Following this lunch (which was on the early and small side) I headed to the mall. I brought this for fuel for an afternoon snack:


But ended up being efficient enough that I didn’t need it. I arrived home and knew I wanted a snack, but didn’t totally know what I wanted. I knew it should involve protein, and thus the Balance bar was appealing, but it was so teeny tiny and on the unnatural side. So I split the difference:


1/2 a balance bar, and the other half of the lunch apple with 1/2 a tbsp peanut butter. It is funny, because this snack and a whole balance bar have the same number of calories, approximately, but this one gives you a whole lot more bites to eat, and a greater variety of textures and flavors, and less, yknow, weird unnatural stuff. On the other hand, the balance bar was yogurt honey peanut, my favorite flavor :D

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