Sunday, August 9, 2009

clouds of eggs

Julia would be proud! I made souffle!


To rewind, first I made gazpacho. Mmmmm. Same general idea as last time, except I used a mix of red and yellow tomatoes. In my mind they made a beautiful soup with red and yellow flecks… not so much.


But you have to trust me when I say it tasted killllllllllllllller!


For this batch, I used fresh parsley AND mint, and I highly recommend it! Oh, and also different from last time, we are out of V8, so it’s a little less smooth than usual. But kee-razy tasty!

Okay so right back to the souffle.

I’d been eyeing this recipe ever since Tina made it. And I did it!


Look at that fluffy cloud of loveliness! Since Tina did such a beautiful job documenting hers, I felt no need to show the step-by-step process, but I did basically the same steps. The only change I made was using red onion instead of green (all we had) and using one big dish instead of two medium (or individual ramekins, like the recipe suggested) and then baking for, say, 45 minutes, then left in the hot oven another 5 minutes or so, because it had browned on top. It produced lovely fluffiness!


Hah, just realized I used “lovely fluffiness” and “fluffy loveliness” in the same paragraph. NOT CHANGING IT!


The interior. Messilicious!


She-Fit said...

Oh wow! That souffle looks great. Way to go! ! ! So glad you left the same words in... it made for a great post :)
Hope you have a great weekend!

Erika said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, totally agree with your take on eating real food, even if sometimes it is a splurge. So much better than the fake stuff!

Your souffle looks yummy, I have never made one, maybe I will try...

Lindsay said...

Wow! That souffle looks great! It's perfectly browned on top!

coco said...

I just finished off my huge container of bloobs from Costco. Such a deal!!! Your souffle looks amazing! Very impressive!