Thursday, August 13, 2009

allergic to life

We have this poor kid at my camp who is allergic to, among other things, wheat, dairy, and nuts. When you want to make desserts to celebrate the fun if crazy summer with the childrens, what’s left for the poor kid? Genius struck:


Rice Krispie Treats!

My mom used to make Rice Krispie treats CONSTANTLY when we were children.

Well, actually, calling them Rice Krispie treats is misleading. She used to make “marshmallow treats”. AKA “make marshmallow fluff and then take all the old cereal sitting on top of the refrigerator and dump it in” hahahahahaha. The great thing is, Cakespy did a post a few months ago being like “Oooh, wouldn’t it be WHACKY if you put cereal OTHER THAN RICE KRISPIES into treats?!” I feel like mothers have been doing that for forever.

But still, I was amazed at how the smell of the marshmallows melting into the (gag) margarine (necessary cause the kid can’t do dairy! But ugh ugh ugh) still took me back. Melting marshmallows is a nostalgia trigger for me, fo sho.


I totally get where my mom was coming from, though. It costs like nothing, takes like 15 minutes to make and involves basically no actual cooking.


Plus it’s yummy and sweet and crunchy!

I’m working late, so both lunch and dinner must be of the portable varieties. Lunch is identical to yesterdays, cause oh my goodness the grilled eggplant with the olive hummus… PERFECTION!

Dinner will be, obvs, more leftovers.


My last day of work is Friday. I promise after Friday this blog will be more of a FOOD blog, rather than an “Ileana shows you pictures of the same leftovers in the same tupperwares growing more and more beige” blog. This is, I swear, the last of both the grilled salmon and the risotto. Butttt…. still delish!

Also, the bessssssssssst:


Oh khoriatiki salata. Heaven! I made it the same as last time, except with yellow tomatoes.


They are just so beauteous!

Since I went so crazy on the mocha bars and chocolate chip oatmeal bars (hah, it’s genetic- my mom said she had to make the chocolate chip oatmeal bars to prevent her from eating all the mocha bars because I’d promised some to my friend I had dinner with last night), plus am anticipating lots of treats to celebrate the last days of camp, I took dessert off yesterday. But I did have a lovely, sweetish evening snack.


Instant oatmeal+ ooodles of cinnamon+ slices of beautiful ripe white peach= somewhat approximate peach cobbler? All I know is that it tasted good. Really, what involving ripe juicy tender white peach doesn’t?

Final note: if anyone hasn’t read this "normal eating" post, DO! Oh my God, it speaks to every person who has ever eaten food ever. I’d bold my favorite parts, but it’s… all of them.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, poor kid! He's missing out on a lot, indeed...but how nice of you to go through the trouble of making something delicious for him to enjoy!

Lele said...

Yeah, he definitely didn't even come! I could've made peanut dairy gluten bars! Oh well. Rice Krispie treats are still awesome.