Saturday, August 8, 2009


I saw Julie and Julia last night. It made me really happy :D How could it not? It combines my favorites- food, comedy, and Meryl! Well, and blogging, too, I spose.

The next pictures are pretty bloggerific for two reasons:

1. They have computer wires and office paraphernalia in the background.

2. They are of frozen banana soft-serve, invader of the food blog world!


I was wary of “soft serve” made entirely of healthy fruit. Banana and chocolate is one of my favorite combinations. Thus, this happy bowl:


I made Lazy Girl Who Doesn’t Want To Wash Multiple Dishes chocolate sauce (coupla squares of dark chocolate in a bowl, splash of milk, microwave for 20 seconds, stir), topped with Frozen Banana Soft Serve (the original recipe, for those who’ve been living in a cave, found here). Yumzo!

In less happy ice cream imitator news:


For some reason, my little sister ended up doing the grocery shopping. Aside from lots of revolting purchases ending in “A-Roni” (seriously, how are we related?!) she “wasn’t paying attention” and bought fat. free. ice cream. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I don’t want to waste food, but would welcome suggestions how to cut the gross, cloying, fake sweetness. One thought I had was mixing in instant coffee. Any other ideas?

In happier dairy news (most awkward sentence transition EVER, go me!), lookit what we got at Costco!


We’ve been on the lookout for these for forevs. I knew they existed cause Michelle found them. At long last!


Here’s a great lunch I had yesterday:


From the top: hard boiled egg; fava bean puree (it’s almost gone now, *sob*); cucs; cherry tomatoes my sister’s godmother grew, both yellow and red, that were un. real.; and red onion for crunch and zest. On a bed of baby spinach and dark red yummy lettuce. I had it with a yogurt and it fueled me through a day of madness at work (kids and Fridays… yikes).

Finally, since I’m kind of trying to gain weight? I’ve been allowing myself juice, something I kind of love but realize is basically only for people trying to ingest empty calories. But this stuff is friggin’ delicious:


Trader Joe’s lemon ginger echinacea. Mmmmmmm. It’s actually the kind of beverage that makes you WISH you were sick, because it feels SO FREAKING GOOD and spicy and soothing and sweet and peppy in your throat. If you love ginger beer (the real, tart stuff) and lemonade, you will love this:


It’s mainly water and fruit juice, so it’s a lot better than a lot of packaged drinks. Again, won’t do a lot for satiety, and 8 ounces will set you back 140 calories. But I adooooooore it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lele! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading more of yours!

Amanda (Panda) said...

Hey there! Thanks for reading!!

I am so excited to see Julie & Julia, I know I will love it!! Good to know you enjoyed it!