Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I walked outside to pick some oregano for dinner, and felt a spiderweb brush my head. Then I looked up and went “Yep, it’s August!”

Every year, around this time, she moves in (I like to think that it’s a girl, a la Charlotte from the book, one of my childhood favorites. I also like to think it’s the same girl every year, because she loves us so much). We have a light just outside our deck door that moths are drawn to like… er, moths to a light. She totally gets that she is sitting on a gold mine:


Isn’t her web beautiful?! I am not a huge fan of spiders, but she is outdoors, where spiders belong, and she is an incredible artist and (as you can tell by her considerable girth) huntress. So we happily coexist, and I really do love watching her enjoy her evening meal.

So today. Today I FEASTED. However, I forgot to bring my camera to the feast. No worries: my dining companion gamely took pictures. However, I have not yet received them. All you’ll get to see are my puny breakfast and dinner (please, please, understand, that when you see what I ate for lunch, you will understand why they are so tiny).

Pre-workout snack:


Yogurt, last of the fruit salad, sprinkling of bran flakes.

Post workout snack:


Almonds, duh.

Dinner (eaten at 9 pm with a seriously lackluster appetite):


Khoriatiki salata- tomato, cuc, green pepper, red onion, fresh oregano, feta, and oil and vinegar.



Half a beautiful peach.

Seriously, get ready for lunch. All will be explained.


Anonymous said...

She makes a nice backyard companion! Looking forward to the arrival of the pics!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I LOVE your dinner salad! I could eat a version of it for every single meal...