Wednesday, August 5, 2009

quick enough?

I am in a bit of a lunch conundrum, but first let’s rewind.

Leftovers save the day again! Last night’s dinner was a fun mishmosh.  DSCF1719

Stuffed tomater, pickled eggplants, last half-slice of bread (man the bread was good, I made two loaves and they got INHALED) with a little taramosalata, bit o’ cheese, a few olives, a few pickled veggies, bit more fennel salad. Adjust for more salad, less olives and eggplants (eyes were bigger than stomach!)

And stuffed tomato closeup, cause they were just so good!


They get better with age!

So here’s my conundrum. My lunch of leftovers yesterday was AWESOME!


Two raisin bran-apple muffins, a heavenly plum, and carrots with fava bean dip.

Here is my concern: at work, I typically have no time to eat lunch. At the loooooong end (like yesterday) I have about 10 minutes. Some days, I have literally thirty seconds. It’s a little crazy. Here’s what’s planned for today:


Risky, risky. Have to scoop out the avocado and peel the egg. Oh well, at least the sandwich’ll be fast. I won’t starve, anyway!


Emily (A Nutritionist Eats) said...

Love having leftovers for lunch! So easy, except that I rarely have them, I need to work on making more food I guess!

Amanda said...

Fava bean dip... I never thought of that, but it sounds amazing!!