Friday, August 21, 2009

made my own

As a child, my favorite cereal was Banana Nut Crunch (since it was never on sale, I only got to eat it at my grandma’s house, cause she’d buy it for me :D)

I loved the mixtures of flavors and textures, and the banana sweetness!

However, as an adult, I find it CLOYINGLY sweet, and am horrified to glance at the ingredient list and realize that it’s the length of a novel, and full of nasties. So this week I’ve been making my own cereal bowl, with a nice flavor and texture mixture, and banana-y sweetness, but not… yknow, total rubbish in it.


Bran flakes (I just used the Giant brand, which taste fine, and, breaking news: I’m cheap) + 1/2 a banana, quartered then sliced + craisins, ripped up into little pieces.


That was breakfast #1, and then I had a pre-gym snack (I did Pilates and Zumba again today!)


Other banana half and some PB.

Then, not gonna lie, a few handfuls of Life cereal. I am making a genuine effort to eat when I’m hungry, even when it’s when I’m not “supposed” to be. Intuitive eating is kind of a bitch. But I’d rather be hungry now than late at night and eating banana bread.

You know when you’re like “oh, well, this little edge is sticking out a little so I’ll just cut that little piece off to even it out and that doesn’t even count…” yeah that was me last night. And I think part of it is that I had the oddest craving for soda yesterday, so I had a Diet Coke at the pool, and that bloody artificial sweetener (plus the splenda I had in my frappe) made me crave sugar. And that always happens and I always end up in denial about it.

Memo to self: LEELS! Don’t eat artificial sweetener!

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Anne Zimmerman said...

Glad to see there are other people like me addicted to bananas... I could eat them multiple times a day (and in many forms). It makes me want one now...