Monday, September 28, 2009

happy cheapie

Lyddie, I don’t know if you’ll think this is weird, but for the past few days, I’ve been putting peanut butter on my banana bread for breakfast. Not gonna lie, it is fannnntasssstic.


Somehow, one slice isn’t QUITE enough, so I had another half of one.

I partially ate it by crumbling it into this lovely thing:


Plain TJ’s Euro yogurt with cinnamon and, I fear, one of the last of the perfect peaches.

Following a seeeeeeerious China test (Li Hongzhang, Liang Quichao, and Li Dazhao are separate people x_x) and a workout, I refueled with another aaaaaaawesome savory cottage cheese bowl.

Today’s star was the rest of the edamame!


It was a total impulse buy for sushi night (since my Greek mother has ingrained an intense fear in me of not having enough food) but I am now a HUGE fan of edamame! It’s so sweet and delicious!

This bowl included more sushi leftovers- broccoli slaw, cuc, and carrot. I also added sunflower seeds (crunch!) Akmak crackers (dippage!) and Sriracha (I add it to everything!)


But today’s biggest news is that I am currently DROWNING in FREE STUFF!

Here’s what was in m mailbox today:


My friend’s boyfriend, who’s as cheap economical as I am, introduced me to Go to forums, and then freebies, and you can get all kinds of goodies, edible and otherwise. Thus, Cosmo and my mystery packages! Inside those cute colorful cardboard containers were:


Samples of Kashi Heart to Heart with wild blueberry clusters, and bear naked granola in the cranberry raisin flavor, along with coupons for additional products. Stokedy stoked!

But waaaaaaaaaait! My roomie just brought up a package! Courtesy of Foodbuzz, who’s already spoiled me this week, I got free bread! This is Nature’s Pride, both high in whole grains and fiber and low in crap (no high fructose corn syrup, etc.)


I AM SO EXCITED TO TRY ALL THIS STUFF! As you know, things taste better when they’re free :D


Lindsay said...

Free stuff is always great! :)

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Your bowl with the leftover sushi looks great! I love Sriracha! :)

Enjoy all the free stuff! :)

Erika said...

Peanut butter and banana bread is such a great combo! And I love all the free stuff...I need to get on these lists! :)

Astra Libris said...

Mmmmm, I love peanut butter and banana bread!! I actually had some for supper while I was at work on Sunday night... :-)

Hooray for all your lovely free goodies! :-)

kristen@Simply Savor said...

banana bread and pb is the perfect combo! i even put pb on my banana bread larabars :) yay for free stuff, have a great day!

Diana said...

I'm totally stoked for that bread too. It went straight to the freezer since I have no plans for it yet, but something tells me it'll make a wicked PB&J at the very least. :)

Christina said...

I'm addicted to free and cheap stuff! I'm a member of and also there's a section on Walmart's website for free samples. My boyfriend always laughs at me when he goes to get the mail b/c almost every single day is something free! hehe