Saturday, September 26, 2009

my best friend is better than your best friend

Um, you know what makes a great houseguest? One who brings A LOAF OF HOMEMADE BANANA BREAD.


My bestie, Lydia, was here for an overnight visit, which was oodles of fun. She joined in the sushi making festivities last night, and then this morning we went out for a day of Serious Shopping Mission, her reason for being in Boston. Thank goodness we had amazing food to fuel up.

She too uses my recipe for bread, and her thing is that now the only flour she buys is white whole wheat, so you get the white flavor and the wheat nutrients. It made for a fun, crumblier texture! Such a good recipe, zomg.


So I had a piece of that, and some tea. Then I went ahead and had another half-piece, just to make sure it was okay :D Then we went to espresso royale for cappuccinos!

Other random eats.

Yesterday’s lunch (it’s been getting colder, this is a reflection of that):


Grilled cheese and pea soup!


This was Tabatchnik frozen soup, my faaaaaave. It’s kosher and the ingredient lists are legit. This one gets extra credit for being low sodium.

On a cold day, I love hot steamy soup and hot oozy cheese!


I also had that adorable teeny weeny plum. The box at the farmer’s market urged “try one!” I happily obliged.

Tonight’s dinner was, er… “Cajun!” In my family, whenever we maybe leave something under the broiler too long, it’s not “burnt”. It’s “blackened” and “Cajun!” It helps that this was also Cajun chicken.


I took a 4-cracker-sheet of Akmak crackers, topped it with deli Cajun chicken and feta, and broiled it. It was actually REALLY GOOD, sort of flatbread-y, and it was en bee dee to scrape off the burnt bits. I had it with more beets, mm.

I am zonkety zonked after a shopping trip that involved, legit, probably at least 9 miles of walking. Hot shower, studying, and then early to bedsie. Tomorrow I have to BUCKLE DOWN and do some SERIOUS WORK. Studying for my China midterm on Monday, Econ problem set due Tuesday, and Teach for America phone interview (!) Tuesday afternoon. Eeesh!


Deb said...

Hey there- thanks for visiting my blog. If it makes you feel any better, I would have 5 readers (my family) and 1, possibly 2 regular commenters (again, familia) if it wasn't for Heather (HEAB) who happened to like my blog.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Akmaks- soo flavorful- and what a great idea to broil them with a topping- smart! :-)

Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

What a wonderful best friend you have! That bread looks delish!

Kirsten said...

Hi, thanks for checking out my blog! Good luck on the interview :)

Anh said...

My flatmate does not cook but she cleans up for me. And she likes my cooking! :D Wish she could cook though!!