Thursday, September 10, 2009

burger twist

Last night’s dinner featured a new purchase, bought on sale as an experiment (an entirely successful one!):


Salmon burgers! Trying to mix it up a little :D

I have class from 6 to 8 on Wednesdays, at the School of Public Health (Intro to Epidemiology! It’s so cool! It’s so nice that they let undergrads try out classes!) which is a bus ride across town.

So I didn’t get home til 8:30 and I wanted to plan something EASY and FAST.

This was a “throw everybody in the skillet” event.


My home kitchen is in general vastly superior to my school one. The one exception is that at school I have a seriously bangin’ cast iron skillet. I swear, everything that I cook in it tastes better. I’ve been eating summer squash like it’s my job, and this was the best batch yet.

The final meal:


The burger, atop a TJ’s British muffin (I’d forgotten how much I looooove those! And they freeze and thaw beautifully!) along with lettuce and heirloom tomato and SRIRACHA!

The salmon burger was SO GOOD! I was worried about the breading on it, but it was light and flavorful and really enhanced the salmon. It was just a great, albeit nontraditional burger: I love that with a burger you get your slab of meat, your crunchy lettuce, your juicy tomato, in this case your kicky hot sauce. It’s marvy.


With rockin’ summer squash, sautéed in olive oil with just a bit of salt and pepper. SO GORGE!

I’m proud of myself for an unusual indulgence I made. At school I’m usually a cheap bum and spend very very little and sort of feel noble. But at the farmer’s market there were beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful raspberries, and even though they were $3 (which is not even that much! And they are local, no less!) I bought ‘em. And I’ve been loving them! Sometimes I have to allow myself to indulge!



Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to pull out my heavy cast iron skillet and cook some gorgeous salmon :) I've never tried those British muffins from Trader Joe's, but they sound pretty darn tasty.

I would love to take an epidemiology class sometime! Sounds awesome! Hmm, maybe I will ;)

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Lele! By the way I LOVE Greek food and culture! Big family and good food = the best thing ever!

Emily said...

hi lele! thanks for the brownie recipe link. i think you're right. some recipes are better left alone. maybe brownies will just have to always be one of those "sometimes" foods. :-)

Amanda said...

I LOVE salmon burgers! They are one of my favorite go-to lunch items. So good with a little salad on the side!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lele! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your dinner looks phenom esp. the summer squash!
My rule - if it's local, organic produce - BUY BUY BUY! :D Glad you're indulging in great produce.

Bec said...

eeekkk lap top photo shoots, blogger dorms! you are so right about everything|!!!!