Thursday, September 24, 2009

not so south beach

So I remember back when low carb (ugh) was big, a big thing was “rollups”- use your meat as your bread, wrap up veggies or cheese with it. This was part of my lunch: sweet farmer’s market red pepper, deli chipotle chicken (yum!)


However, pairing it with a BAGEL was probably not so South Beach of me…


However, it made for a seriously delicious (and, in my opinion, balanced!) lunch. Sweet chewy cinnamon raisin bagel with just a bit of butter, crispy pepper, spicy smoky meat… perfect!


Finished off with a sweet-tart key lime pie yogurt, and I had a happy belly.

Speaking of, I had this as my afternoon snack yesterday, and I really didn’t think a Luna Bar was big news and wasn’t going to bother sharing, except OH MY GOD THE CHAI TEA LUNA BAR IS SO GOOD.


Hah those are my toes in the background, you can see the excellent posture I utilize in my desk chair.

Anyway, it tastes like a chai latte. Like, exactly. Perfectly spiced! Sweet! Somehow creamy! And yet like a baked good. And also healthy lady nutrition cause it’s a Luna bar!

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Juliana said...

Very healthy :-) Would like to try the Luna bars :-)