Wednesday, September 2, 2009

great meals in history

I left my camera cord at home AGAIN. Seriously, my brain? Not so much. Not good at the beginning of the semester, eesh. Hopefully my brain will return in time for my first class at 10 a.m.- “Post-Revolutionary China”. SO STOKED!

Since I’m a little bit addicted to blogging, I’m going to post a meal I ate before I had a blog, but was way memorable.

Last March, my lil sister came to visit me in Boston. My roommate, a vegetarian, had gotten a gift certificate to McCormick and Schmick’s, and gave it to me! So I took my sister out for a classy lunch.

Here she is posing with our order:

 malindi and lobstah

Since the meal was shortly after Valentine’s Day, they still had a deal in effect where two people could share a surf and turf (4 oz. sirloin and stuffed lobster) plus chocolate mousse, for $30. My $20 gift card meant my sister and I ate lobster and steak for the price of McDonalds.

Thumbs up indeed!

sooo goood

The meal came with luscious sourdough, and beautiful vegetables on the side- the asparagus was PERFECTLY cooked, and my sister went to town on the frighteningly buttery mashed potatoes.

And, I have to say, while I love hole-in-the-wall Korean, there is something to be said for M+S and getting waited on hand.and.foot. Our waiter was so cute, even though we really didn’t spend a lot of money. Fancily presenting our dishes, scraping off the table before dessert- cute, thoughtful personal touches. Also, interesting trivia- the display tray with their desserts? My sister and I had a debate over what was standing in for ice cream. The waiter confirmed that my sister was correct- CRISCO!


Anonymous said...

I love getting sweet two for one deals like that!

Erika said...

Great deal! The lobster looks so good, but the criso!? Yuck!

Anonymous said...

Crisco? Interesting. guess those stuff don't melt!

And the dish looks AMAZING! Very sweet deal, too! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet deal you got! And it looks delicious! :D