Thursday, October 29, 2009

restaurant salad

Oh how I love leftovers. They make gorgey gorgey salads.


After finally, FINALLY finishing midterms, I enjoyed a lovely celebratory dinner at Legal Seafood, where I had a gift certificate to courtesy of an unclaimed giveaway prize at my old office that I, the unpaid intern who organized said giveaway, was lucky enough to get. Along with a luscious glass of vino verde, I got the “simply grilled” arctic char (one of my FAVE fish, like salmon on crack and also sustainable!).

It and the accompanying sides, along with mizuna (which I’m obsessed with at the mo) tossed with oil and lemon juice made for a KILLER salad.

When you think about it, restaurants probably do a similar thing with lunch salads: “Hey Mel, we gotta whole bunch of fillets left over from last night. Let’s make a fish salad special!”


Okay, clearly fish, greens, and snap peas… but let’s focus on that interesting looking blob at 1:00.


JALAPENO. CHEDDAR. POLENTA. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss. I seriously need to get my hands on some polenta, because I’m sure this recipe would not be at all difficult to recreate, and it rocked my socks. Basically anything thick and corny and cheesy does (I’m also a big tamale fan!)

Finally, I was reunited with my <3


I know it seems like all I eat is yogurt but actually I’ve gone without for over a WEEK! However, yoplaits were on sale at Shaw’s, so I definitely restocked :D


Erika said...

So char tastes like salmon? Is it as good for you? The salad looks great and I love polenta. Except it is too tempting to mix a little polenta, water and american cheese and call it a meal...bad, I know! :)

Juliana said...

Me too, I like leftover, and always, make something out of it...the salad looks yummie and polenta, I haven't had for a while...should make some soon ;-)

Roving Lemon said...

Ok, after that description, I must now seek out and try some char. Fish is supposed to be brain food--the right thing to eat during midterms!

Carolyn Jung said...

I have a few friends who hate leftovers. Me? I'm with you -- I thank my lucky stars for them. Sure makes it easy when it comes to lunch the next day. ;)

Kris | said...

This salad looks amazing! I am starving right now and I am looking at food blogs :|
Have a great night, Doll!