Saturday, October 3, 2009

medi melt

Another rainy day in Boston, another hot comforting lunch. I am a bit of a broken record. Oh well, I guess it’s cooling down in a good deal of the Northern Hemisphere, so at least a lot of y’all can relate (ew, sorry for y’all dropping, I went to a trailer trash party last night, HAH!)

So yes, following a raaaather late night, I disappointingly woke up at 8:30. Hate hate hate my brain. I had a warm satisfying brekkers of PB+B oats, and then did some reading. I ventured out of the apartment to hit up the gym and grocery shop, and ugh ugh ugh. Even bedecked in boots and a hoodie, with an umbrella, I was a drowned rat. You cannot defeat the Boston wind. I came home and as quickly as humanly possible made this:


On the left is carrot soup, which you’ve seen before.


Minced up a bunch of ginger and garlic and sauteed ‘em in just a little vegetable oil. Added sliced carrots, stirred them around, added water to cover the carrots and brought to a boil. Let them simmer until tender, threw them in the blender with a splash of orange juice (nice!) and adequate cooking liquid to achieve my desired consistency.

Now as for the right… this sandwich was NOT much in the looks department, and it’s a crying shame because it was tasty and I feel like I would not look at this and go “ooh, I’m going to make that!” but y’all (agh!) should! Because it’s tasty!


I’m calling this a “Mediterranean melt”, because I’m a snob (the kind who goes to trailer trash parties).

What it really is is kind of a hybrid between a tuna melt and the beloved English muffin mini pizzas of my youth. I took half a can of tuna and mixed it with a few tablespoons of canned tomato sauce and (key!) Italian seasoning. I spread that on top of an English muffin, then topped with crumbled feta. Broiled.

IT IS SO TASTY! I SWEAR! The contrasting sweetness of tomatoes and tang of feta and heartiness of tuna combined with the herbs, on the pillowy yet lightly crisped english muffin. I’m trying to be poetic, here. Let my beautiful words cancel out the ugly picture!

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fittingbackin said...

oooh I like your style - i'd totally eat that melt up!! Thanks for the idea!