Saturday, October 31, 2009


Given that my afternoon destination was the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, there was a certain irony to what I had for lunch:


Canadian bacon and broccoli mini quiche. In my, drumroll please, RAMEKIN! No more making EVERYTHING in muffin tins!

This bad boy contained 2 pieces of canadian bacon that I browned up with a bit of onion and about a cup of broccoli, then tossed in the ramekin with 2 eggs, a splash of milk, and a sample of applewood smoked cheddar (!) I got at the grocery store and saved, cheapskate that I am.

Baked at 325 for 20 minutes and broiled for 2 until ridiculously golden and gorgeous on top


I tried to keep lunch on the small side, since I knew I’d be doing “a bit of sampling” (or so I thought) at the BVFF. HAH. THERE WAS SO MUCH DELICIOUS FOOD! This is a tiny, TINY sampling of various deliciousness available.


There were a squajillion veggie burgers, a ROCKIN’ “veggie pate”, falafel that was nummy…


And in general fake meat like you would not believe…


There was WONDERFUL ethnic food, including this AMAZING Indian vegetable stew and halavah…


There were a gazillion things that are super hot in the blog world- crazy camel dessert hummus which was as RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS as everyone says it was (the inventor was actually there!); Pure bars (actually didn’t care for those); Amazing grass (not bad); aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…


PB and Co! Their flavors are as amazing as everyone hyped them up to be- I tried the honey one and the dark chocolate one and the maple one (seriously- ate a LOT today!)

Another hot blog item- SO delicious coconut milk ice cream- UNBELIEVABLE line for this one but it was tasty


More coconut ice cream, also scrummy:


A plethora of cool stuff involving kelp:


And finally vegan chocolate hazelnut ganache that was basically the best thing I’ve ever tasted:



And yet… of course I took all the swag I could get my greedy little hands on.


Oh man. Good times. If you get a chance, Bostonians, check it out! It’s still going tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

what a great event! I'm jealous of all of your swag!

Astra Libris said...

Such a COOL event!!! I'm totally envious that you got to go - in a very good way, of course... :-)

Your quiche looks divine!

Aggie said...

That mini quiche looks awesome! I LOVE PB & Co!!

Fresh Local and Best said...

Looks like a fabulous event. Bliss ice cream is one of my favorites, I adore their chocolate hazelnut flavor.

You bacon broccoli quiche looks yummy!

Michal said...

It looks like you had such an amazing time at the festival. I wish i was close enough to attned! :)

Katerina said...

That sounds like it was fun!

Katie said...

Whohoo! How awesome. I a little jealous of all the swag you scored! (Although I went to a food festival in Denver this summer and scored many of the same things you did)

Your baby quiche looks delish, too.

Jessica said...

ooooo! Looks so fun, a lot of faves there (Peanut butter Co. Coconut bliss). I love the mini-quiche, btw, so cute.

Julia said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I can't wait to read more of yours!

What an awesome event! I'm always up for free swag - college students have to take advantage of these things!

Molly said...

PB&Co is SO dangerous around me...I ended up having to stop buying it on a regular basis because I went through it like twice as fast as opposed to normal PB/AB.
I went through a fake-meat phase when I first became vegetarian but now it grosses me out.
the quiche looks yummy (says the vegan haha...but really it does)

Molly said...

love Larabars, and ramekins! They are perfect when practicing portion control!

Meg said...

Wow- I'm super jealous of this!

You're so lucky :)

Enjoy your night!

Jamie Mendell said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment :)

I just checked out your blog and it looks awesome! Especially those pumpkin candy corns..

so glad you found my blog and that i have found yours!


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of going to Boston and I know I need to schedule it around these type of events! Geez! I heart peanut butter & co!