Thursday, October 15, 2009

best of both worlds

Today I wanted everything that salad entails (lots of veggies, mix of flavors and colors and textures) without the COLDNESS of it. Again, despite it being OCTOBER, Massachusetts has spitefully turned down its thermostat.

So, combining the assets of salads with the warmth necessary to thaw my poor self, I nuked most of the ingredients! Heated up some chopped carrot and red bell pepper, more roastey squash, deli turkey in the micro, then tossed with the last of my spinach and some oil and red wine vin and honey.


The rest of the meal included this fun swag I got in the mail:


Oh. Em. Gee. Okay, so, this tiny bag gives you a seriously puny quantity for 150 calories, so I put it on some plain yogurt (with cinnamon! heaven!) to stretch it.  


I have to say, HEAVENS they’re tasty! They are sweet, nutty, crunchy without sucking the moisture out of your mouth (a common complaint I have with granola) and utterly addictive. Probably something my girlish figure can’t handle me purchasing regularly, but DEFINITELY worth trying.

Rewinding, for lunch yesterday, I made myself a gorgey grilled cheese.


TJ’s spelt bread, shmeared with two wedges of Laughing Cow (! oh oh oh j’aime la vache qui rit! So glad it was on sale!), spread with a dab of butter and skilleted until crisp and melty.

On the side, apple of LOVELINESS (still having my love affair with Massachoo autumn apples) with a bit of PB.

Plus, due to arctic weather conditions, and it generally being a perfect grilled cheese accompaniment,  tomater soup.


Following my vacation indulgences, my body has just gone VEGGIES PLEASE! So I incorporated one into a delish afternoon snack:


Roasted delicata squash, cranapple butter, and toasty crispy squash seeds! So good.

I’d post last night’s dinner, but alas, it was sushi in the company of a dreamy boy, so no pictures :D


Astra Libris said...

Sushi with a dreamy boy sounds idylic... ;-)

I love your idea of a warm salad! and oh my goodness, cranapple butter sounds Heavenly!!

Valerie (College Girl Eats) said...

What a great idea with that salad! And dreamy boy=completely acceptable reason for lack of food photography!

Whole Body Love said...

Those Nature's Valley clusters are the same kind Snuffy and I sampled at Sam's Club. They are mighty tasty. There were just a couple ingredients I was unsure of. But, we did love 'em!

Erika said...

I love wilted spinach in salads! And you are right, what is up with snow this morning in MA?