Sunday, October 4, 2009


After church, my friend Eireni and I had a spontaneous, collaborative brunch! It was lotsa fun.

Here is my plate of beauty:


For lean and delicious protein, we have Trader Joe’s Canadian-style bacon, thrown on a skillet. Canadian bacon is definitely my favorite brunch meat. This is why I can never be a presidential candidate. You can’t go to Joe Sixpack’s roadside diner in Iowa and ask for CANADIAN bacon and expect to get elected.


But the star of this meal was FOR SURE the french toast!


Ever since I got my free Nature’s Path bread, I’ve been wanting to make french toast with it. I used the 100% whole wheat one for this batch- it has a subtle sweetness that I thought would be yummy for french toast. It was!

For two people, 4 slices o’ bread, 2 eggs, 1/4 cup or so milk, and lotsa cinnamon. On a skillet. YUMMY!

But wait, there’s more!

I never have syrup (although Eireni actually brought some, so we had topping variety!) so I decided to make a fruit topping. I combined apple in small dice and the last of my dried sour cherries from Trader Joe’s Mediterranean mix, covered them with water, and boiled them, adding more water as needed, until everything was soft. Then I stirred in a little bit of honey at the end. YUMMY TOPPING!


Eireni’s contribution was the delish beverage.

She said she’d been making these things and calling them Greek-style frappes (you’ll recall that I fell in love with the frappes in Greece this summer- frothy cups of heaven.)


She made these by whirring up coffee, sweetener (she uses Splenda), ice, and fat free half and half in a blender. The froth was SPECTACULAR. It wasn’t totally like the Greek frappes (they are actually dairy-free!) but it was friggin’ delicious in its own right.

It was authentic in that she used this:


Such a mystery, the rest of the world’s relationship with Nescafe. But I do love it, in its place.

Hah, funny/depressing story: my friend studied abroad in Ecuador, and I asked her if she got a chance to have really good coffee. She said, however, that most of the coffee MADE in Ecuador gets EXPORTED elsewhere, and is too expensive for locals to buy regularly. So they buy Nescafe.

However, they call it No Es Cafe!


Sasha said...

I love French toast! And that coffee drink looks yummy.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Stephanie said...

Canadian bacon is for sure yummy! Love the jokes :)

april said...

That greek coffee drink looks fantastic!

Linda - one scoop at a time said...

In Italy, the everyday cafes mainly served coffee with beans from Nestle or Nescafe as well! And I thought all the espresso drinks were divine. I wonder if Nestle uses different type of beans elsewhere than what is sold in the US.

Happy Eating!

Melinda said...

Those Greek style frappes look so good!! I so want to visit Greece one day soon :)