Monday, October 5, 2009

harvest heaven

I’m not one of those cooks who literally plans out every meal for the following week, because I’m just not quite that organized, and just a little too moody about food, plus if I did my life would be TOTALLY devoid of ANY spontaneity. However, I do like a generalized guideline, so I can do my grocery shopping/farmer’s market shopping, or else I’d probably end up with 97 desserts and no milk, heh.

So anyway, on the docket tonight was a nice mixture of planned and creative: chicken with “farmer’s market excitement”. I went to the f.m. on Friday and bought what looked awesome- corn and the first delicata squash of the season (!)

The result:


Yummy yummy yummy! Me and my cast iron skillet are getting pretty serious, guys. Honey treats me good.

Let’s do a cross sectional of some ingredients:

DSCF2345 DSCF2346

This is basically a combination of roasted veg and sauteed meat. This afternoon, while making my mini quiches, I roasted the corn (just threw it, husk and all, into the oven and roasted for 20 minutes or so at 400*), and roasted the squash (cubed-ish, on a cooking spray-ed cookie sheet, also about 20 min at 400, or til tender). I also caramelized some onion slices and cooked up the chicken in the same pot, in just a little bit of olive oil. Tossed it all together with salt and pepper.

P.S. I also roasted the squash seeds! Just on the sprayed cookie sheet, at 400. I tossed them every few minutes and took them out when they were brown. How long that is depends on your seeds, oven, etc.


It was nice, I made this all this afternoon cause I had my night class from 6-9. Then I actually got out early, and got to come home and watch House, yay! (p.s. CRAZY EPISODE!). And then I had this scrumptious dinner waiting for me. Hurray for advanced prep work, man.


SO SWEET AND DELICIOUS! That’s like 3/4 of the squash on this final plate, and actually I had to save a little bit of it for later cause it was SO FILLING. Squash is one of those foods that just filllls me uppp. Yay fiber! Also, I was going to peel the skin off the pieces but as I was doing it they were REALLY HOT and then I tried a piece of the skin and realized it tasted good too! This squash is, after all, delicate (a)!


Clumbsy Cookie said...

This looks like a delicious complete meal!!!

lesley living life said...

I'm with you ... I can't plan everything out exactly by any means! (But I do enjoy a general idea ; )

That looks like a delicious way to eat squash!

CookiePie said...

What a yummy dinner! I heart squash!!!