Monday, October 26, 2009

eats, midterm style

I’ve decided the blog has really given an inaccurately healthy portrayal of my midterm dining.

I ate a burger and fries!


Syke, it was totally healthy- turkey burger (you know I have no objection to beef burgers from my nonstop bbqing this summer, but turkey was just what I had on hand- I made the patty with green onion and Sriracha and garlic powder and it rocked!) on TJ’s whole wheat British muffin. As for the fries?


Those would be hungry girl butternut squash fries! In general, Hungry Girl somewhat annoys me with their calorie obsession and complete lack of interest in nutrients. However, the method is EXCELLENT and the “fries” are DELISH.

Less healthy: canned soup.


I generally like to make my own soup- it has less sodium and it tastes better! However, midterms. And this was on sale…


Probably won’t get it again. That’s one serving, and I even beefed it up with extra beans. Still pretty sad looking, no?

Also part of midterms:


Yeah I drink two buck chuck! In my defense, that’s a REAL WINE GLASS! I paid a whole $1.10 for it at Goodwill!

Even less healthy:


My R.A. had GIRL SCOUT COOKIES at our meeting! Actually the dosido (or whatever they’re calling the shortbread one) was TERRIBLE. I don’t know if it was just old or they’ve reformulated it with weird oils or what but ick. However, the Thin Mint and the Samoa were as delicious as ever. <3 <3 <3.

Oh look, more cookies…


And… even more. I’ve eaten a LOT of cookies lately.

Finally, something with absolutely no nutritional value but enormous nostalgia and deliciousness value.


Mellowcreme pumpkins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So every year my mother and I calls one another in early September and goes “… guess what I saw at CVS”. The response is usually “I KNOW I USUALLY BOUGHT SOME!” In this case, I called, she’d bought. Actually, she’d bought a whole bag. And then eaten the ENTIRE THING during one stressful day at work, hahahahahahahaha. My mom is awesome.

To avoid that pitfall, I did the noneconomic but sanity-preserving thing: portion control.


Candy by the pound is a beautiful thing.


Candy eyeball.


More crap nibbles by the pound.

Now I feel like I’ve been taking this disclosure a little far. In my defense:


Gorgey apple!


Linda - one scoop at a time said...

LOL, I just bought some wine glasses from goodwill to add to my stockpile.

Astra Libris said...

Your midterm nibbles look perfect! :-) I love your "burger and fries" - YAY for healthful and delicious! :-)

Unplanned Cooking said...

I was beginning to think I was the only one who shopped at Whole Foods and then ate at the neighborhood greasy diner ;). Yum! Good luck on midterms.

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I hope your midterms are going well. Love the butternut squash fries!

Jordan said...

HEY! Don't knock the 2 Buck Chuck. I think it's good and I'm a wino!

Sophia said...

Mm. Yum. Butternut squash fries are great! I've been addicted to sweet potato fries these days.
Hungry Girl annoys the heck out of me, too. But some of her recipes are ok.

Jil said...

wine + girl scout cookies = perfect exam munchies! yumm haha

Anonymous said...

If I have 30% healthier you would be my food twin. 1) I want to make butternut squash fries, I always make sweet potatoe 2) I ONLY eat candycorn pumpkins..I throw the regular candy corn away. tee hee