Tuesday, October 27, 2009

hammie sammie

I must’ve liked yesterday’s lunch since I had the EXACT SAME THING TODAY. And I am not a meal repeater! Along with carrots, apple, and PB, I had a big ol’ sandwich.


There’s just something about big hunks of bread with a big hunk of meat inside. Especially now- I’m still studying for my ridiculously stupid amount of midterms, and I want food that will leave me fueled and full and satisfied and ready to go out and study for another bajillion hours (although I did squeeze in a workout today, HUZZAH!)

The meat in this was ham, which I generally don’t buy but I get the deli ends at Johnnie’s cause they’re in small servings (usually 5 oz ish?) and cheap, both of which are perfect for a single student.


This particular sammie was greatly enhanced by the addition of TJ’s cranapple butter. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm ohemgee I’m completely obsessed with the stuff.

Dinner was a BEAUTIFUL DELICIOUS WORK OF ART and my STUPID CAMERA failed at doing it justice, as usual. Imagine this but not ugly:


On top: laughing cow atop Akmaks.

Center: Salad. The base was mizuna greens, which I bought on a whim at the farmer’s market and which I’m in LOVE with! Peppery and mustardy and awesome.

Mixed in, leftover steak (that was not bad despite having been horrendously overcooked. I credit a delicious marinade— for a large, 12ish ounce steak, 3 T red wine, 1 T olive oil, 1 T balsamic, 1 huuuge clove of garlic, crushed, 1/2 t black pepper, 1/2 t rosemary)

Bottom: more butternut “fries”! I basically lived on these last winter and am well on my way to doing it again!


Whitney @ Lettuce Love said...

I always repeat meals. It is such a bad habit but when I find something I like I become obsessed. Looks great!

Erika said...

I go through such phases with food and wilol eat the same thing for days in a row! I need to try some butternut fries.

The Purple Carrot said...

I love laughing cow!!

I'm definitely a meal repeater myself, especially lunch ... if I have it one day and love it I will definitely have it again for the next few days, haha. I just can't help myself.