Wednesday, October 21, 2009

razzle dazzle

I had a bowl of AWESOME for breakfast this morning.


I knew brekkers would involve the other raspberry muffin, but I decided I wanted some crunch in there too. Enter a free sample:


Nice to get all those vitamins in, since it’s midterm week and I can’t guarantee all my meals will be exactly balanced.

Plus, pomegranate’s so hot right now!


So this was plain yogurt base+ total+ raspberry muffin+ last of the raspberries+ almonds


The mix of textures, flavors, sweetness, tang- it all rocked my socks. This was a SUPERB breakfast.

And now I’m going to study econ til I die. Because econ is fighting me to the death, and winning.

Me and price elasticity just… don’t work.


Erika said...

No clue what econ is about, but good luck! And the breakfast looks great!

Astra Libris said...

Good luck on the econ homework! I remember how confused my econ textbook used to make me! :-p

Wow, oh wow, your breakfast looks incredible!! I love your pairing of all the different berry flavors!

miss v said...

ewww.... i hated econ as well. it was one of my toughest classes.

at least you have total to keep you company.

Anne Marie said...

Love the breakfast this morning-it looks tasty!