Saturday, May 22, 2010

east side represent

Had a loooooovely Saturday morning brunch at the East Side Cafe. The inside was orange and pretty and sunflowery...

You know what's great? When you go into a restaurant and they give you cornbread. And honey butter. Oh yes.

The East Side cafe is known for their eggs (more on that in a bit) but since I'd had eggs for both breakfast and dinner yesterday, I went for the apple pecan waffle. This arrived. Um, whoa.

I reserved the slivered almonds and scraped off most of what appeared to be a pint's worth of whipped cream. Then I put on the wonderful soft cinnamony apples and crunchy toasted nuts and INHALED the buttery, warm, doughy waffle.

You had your choice of breakfasty sides (hashbrowns and the like) but the side for the lunchier items was roasted acorn squash with soy-ginger sauce, which sounded fab, so I got that instead.

And in case that wasn't enough, Rach got the eggs florentine (which looked beautiful) and said she could never finish her side of chile cheese grits and indeed, BOTH of us could not even make a DENT in them. Mm mm they were good.

Aaaaaand then Richard got the whole table a blintz to share (I almost got the blintzes for my meal but I'm actually glad I didn't- I like them cheesy, and in this one the filling was like PURE SUGAR- like a cannoli or something).

A very very fun thing about the East Side is that after you eat you can wander around their beautiful garden!

A flower BED! BED!

I got to see growing brussels sprouts, a definite first! Aw they're so cute. The only thing that makes me not totally miserable when summer ends is that apples and brussels sprouts and pumpkins and the like start really coming into season.

Remember the farm fresh eggs I mentioned? This is where they ALL come from- it's a completely self sufficient place, egg-wise, with laying hens.

Rach got face to face with one of them. Chicken staredown. I love!

And then she was like, I'm over this.

Our favorite was the chicken with the 'fro.



Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

That squash sounds so good. I would have had to have tried that one too!

Unknown said...

yum yum brussels <3

hope yorue taking the very best care lovely lady

Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear said...

It looks like you've been eating a lot of great foods!!! :)