Thursday, July 2, 2009


This is a mini post. To be followed by a massive post. But here are some things I’ve been eating!

Breakfast, still sick:


Oatmeal with currants/craisins blend and walnuts on top, tea, and an Orange Fizz. If you are sick, an Orange Fizz will cure you. It’s the best. My mama made them for me throughout my years and years of strep throat.

Orange juic+club soda+dash of angostura bitters (yeah I know classy!)+ ice. Fizz, citrus, vitamin C. Feels SO GOOD in your throat!

Here’s breakfast, back to health at last, this morning:


Somewhat misleading, because breakfast was in two courses. First was a bowl of Smart Start and milk. Then EXERCISE for the first time in almost a week, praise be, in the form of a 3 mile walk in the morning sunshine and mist (it rained last night) in the park. Heavenly. This was breakfast 2, TJ’s nonfat Euro with cantaloupe and strawberry. Beautiful and delicious.

Lunch was fun nibbles:

DSCF1380More Island Eggplant, crackers ‘n Meunster, a hardboiled egg, and for snackin’ later, my favorite easy homemade trail mix, just Craisins and almonds.  

I’m being wooed by Teach for America. Here’s what they sent me:


Candy plus reading material! It’s like they know me!

And finally, edible souveniers:


Sesame-honey covered almonds and DRIED KIWI from Crete! The dried Kiwi, in addition to being beautiful and unusual, is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted.

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