Saturday, July 25, 2009

tea sandwiches redux

For my grandfather’s memorial on Thursday, it being an afternoon event and all, my mom and I made tea sandwiches.


This is the midpoint process. I’d show the final ones but… it doesn’t matter how cute the food is if the event sucks.

However, when one makes tea sandwiches, it is tradition to cut off the crusts. Wasted food! Quel horreur! Naturally, I salvaged them. First I got leftover fillings:


Tomaters, cucs, and a TON of smoked salmon!

I used them, in part, to make myself a crazy tasty sandwich for yesterday’s lunch:


Picture does not do it justice :(

On side A, we have sliced avocado and tomato. On side B, we have spinach and smoked salmon. CRAZY TASTY!

But the main job, of course, is these:


The crusts! Fortunately I remembered something my love Mark Bittman said about panzanella- bread salad. I put the crusts in an oven with salt and pepper to toast up.

Meanwhile, I chopped up some veg (tomatoes and cucs), salted and peppered them, and added some basil, olive oil, and red wine vinegar


And the final result:


Bread and salad! Two of my favorite things! How can you go wrong?!

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