Tuesday, July 14, 2009

slight break

No blogs for a few.

My dad's dad actually died very unexpectedly on Sunday. VERY unexpectedly. My 85 year old grandfather was doing his usual lap swimming (!) Go him.

So yeah, in the lelelurvesplants blog chronology, I found out between the pancakes brunch and the chicken dinner.

Between seeing family (where I want to be) and work (where I definitely don't), I'm quite low on the free time for cooking. And definitely not a ton of time or interest in blogging. And really, eating, although there's something about grieving- I ate some pie rather INTENSELY this evening.

So I'll be back in a lil while, but I wanted to post this because I feel an obsessive need to keep the blog updated for my reader(s?).

Hah, and somewhat funny and food related- my dad has tried to grow tomatoes for many many years, and he's definitely had some good ones, but has also had his various trials and tribulations with deer/insects/weather/etc. So this year, he was all set to finally show his dad his BUMPER CROP of BEAUTIFUL TOMATOES. Like, the plants are overflowing, they are things of beauty. And tonight he said "Aw, now I can't :("
So I told him when we pick them we can do a tomato toast to my grandpa. RIP Jasper.

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Mrs. LC said...

I'm thinking of you and praying for you and your family right now! I'm sure Jasper would appreciate the tomato toast. :)