Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday dinner

Is a nice tradition.

Ma and I spent the afternoon companionably shelling peas. There is something so soothing about tasks like that- I also love paring green beans as a family.


And fresh peas are just so beautiful and awesome.

The whole house smells wonderful right now. The reason?


For me, for the smell that most connotes warmth and happiness and family and comfort, it’s hard to beat roast chicken. My mom roasted this very simply- put a pat of butter on the top, a few sprigs of fresh oregano and a coupla cloves of garlic in the cavity, roast and baste, and at the last minute squeeze some lemon on top. Simple and delicious.

My contribution to the meal was these beauties:


I’ve been craving biscuits ever since Astrid made such beautiful ones. Since we had leftover buttermilk from the red velvet cake, I wanted to use a recipe to incorporate that, and came up with this recipe. Good Lord was it good.


Perfectly flaky, heavenly buttery flavor with just a hint of sweetness, beautifully crisped and golden on the bottom. I loooooooooooove biscuits, and I’m delighted that a healthy recipe can taste as good as the trans fat nightmares. Because not gonna lie, the trans fat nightmares are delicious. But SO ARE THESE!

Mom made the peas real simple like, I think just butter salt and pepper.


Peas, biscuits, roast chicken… PERFECT SUNDAY DINNER!


And my other favorite thing about roast chicken… HOMEMADE CHICKEN STOCK!


Chicken bones+ veggie scraps+ water= heaven!

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