Thursday, July 9, 2009

gringa guacamole

We had ripe avocados, chicken in need of using, and very little desire to cook.

So, obvs, taco night.


The star of the meal was definitely the eponymous guacamole:


Straight up, I know my guacamole isn’t as authentic as it could be. However, it is I think nonetheless in the spirit of Mexican cooking, which is utilizing the freshest ingredients possible. I took 3/4 of an avocado I took a bit of for a sammich earlier in the week, plus 1/2 of a new avocado. I mashed the avocado with a whole bunch of lime juice, some jarred salsa, some hot sauce, garlic salt, and crushed red pepper flakes. Then I stirred in freshly diced onion and tomato. It was FAB!

There were additional taco fixin’s:


Tortillas (corn, my preferred tortilla material), queso, tomatoes, and sour cream


and leftover roasted chicken.

To accompany, I made  a rather inspired also leftovers-utilizing salad.


Sliced apples, chopped fennel, chopped bok choy. Dressed with orange juice, seasoned rice wine vinegar, and parsley. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!

Here is my final plate (multiply this times 2):


Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about leftovers. They make for kind of a fun Iron-Chef type challenge to use them up, and often result in a delicious meal with a fraction of the work and cost of making something new.

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Olga said...

That looks good! I had some guacamole last night.

How hilarious that we both moved from WA stat to Washington DC!! But you are in Boston now?

I'll have to go visit Yamazato soon!