Tuesday, July 28, 2009

new york bagel…

… inside an omelet!

I came home from work and was hunnngry and tired and lazy. I was only cooking for myself, as my mother is out and she’s the only one who really holds us to regular meals (my sister just eats basically nonstop). So, I went ahead and made something easy, quick, and delish!

So New York bagel… without the bagel!

DSCF1617A two-egg omelet filled with smoked salmon, tomato, avocado, and dabs of neufchatel cheese.

Accompanied with gorgeous corn on the cob (okay, not the New York bagel connection, but in need of use from the farm stand) and yogurt, on my grandmother’s exceptionally beautiful plate:


Omelet closeup:


My filling runneth over! This combination was TO DIE FOR. The salty/savory smoked salmon, the acidic and sweet brightness of the tomato, the rich avocado, and the occasional creamy burst from the cream cheese made for a DELICIOUS, HEAVENLY combination wrapped inside lovely fluffy eggs. And this meal took like 10 minutes to make, p.s.


The corn also gets a special shoutout because it was as SWEET AS CANDY! Seriously, I have never in my life had such sweet corn. I ate it like a woman possessed. The corn was so sweet that I ended up putting the sweetened yogurt back after I’d eaten my omelet and corn and just having plain yogurt, which totally hit the spot.

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Rachel said...

I just wanted to comment and say that I love your blog. Your food always looks delicious, I love that you do a lot of "throw things together" meals and they always look and sound great, and I love your writitng style! I'm very glad I stumbled along your blog! :)