Tuesday, July 7, 2009


My dinner was as patriotically all-American as this song.

All-American step one:


Hot dogs! I broiled the dogs and the buns (which were whole wheat and only so so), and I cut up a dog for me, planning to not eat the whole thing. We always get Hebrew National, our rationale being that they’re all beef and that maybe having a rabbi there stops at least SOME disgustingness from getting in. They are much better than regular hot dogs, in my opinion, but not low-calorie by any stretch of the imagination.

So here was my cute mini dog:"


1/2 a bun, a coupla chunks, and mustard. I did have a few more bits, but it only added up to half a dog. They were also HUGE hot dogs!

The rest of the meal was HEAVENLY FARMER’S MARKET PRODUCE! First we have some corn:


Thank you for the corn, Native Americans!

This corn was SO sweet and perfect! It is definitely corn season! I can’t wait to get more!

Finally, tomato salad:


It takes so few ingredients to make me so very happy. Tomato. Salt. Pepper. Basil. Balsamic vin. Olive oil. Boom. Perfection.

All together:


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